See Where You Can Get Empty Aluminum Cans

Posted on: 27 May 2021


Did you know that aluminium was once not a cheap or plentiful metal? Despite being the most common metal in this planet's crust since the 18th century, aluminium is still considered highly valuable in its pure form. Billions of aluminium cans are used for packaging food and beverages every year. Yet, despite being the most sustainable food packaging metal and easily recyclable, billions of cans end up in landfills. 

In fact, most people replace them with new cans from other metals, leading to wasted energy and a negative impact on the environment. If you intend to venture into the metal recycling industry or start a metal recycling plant, aluminium cans are a great starting point. They are a favourite commodity for most recyclers and can be recycled many times. If you have decided to recycle aluminium cans, see where you are likely to collect most of them.

From Your Workplace

Your workplace can be a reliable source of aluminium cans for your recycling business. This happens mainly due to the numerous energy drinks, sodas or coffee cans your co-workers consume each day. You just need to check the trash cans in various areas in your workplace, such as the break room or near vending machines. In most cases, there are numerous aluminium cans disposed of in such places every day.

Of course, you can create a better way of collecting scrap metal at your workplace without diving into bins. For example, you can provide your employees with a recycling bin for aluminium cans and let them know you need them for recycling. This way, you would just be emptying the bin when it's full or after some time to make recycling more efficient.

From Local Events of Festivals 

There is a very high probability of finding aluminium cans in public event venues around your area. Just ensure you know when there's an event in your area and talk to the event organiser so they can allow you to collect the aluminium cans. You could even ask them whether you can provide bins where the guests and everyone else attending could throw the aluminium cans after use. It's a smart idea because hundreds of such recyclable metals are usually discarded in such events within a short period.

From Friends, Family and Neighbours

You can ask your friends, family or neighbours to support your metal recycling initiative by allowing you to collect discarded aluminium cans in their homes at least once or twice a week. You could also ask them whether you can place a bin outside their homes and then collect it later. They could also share your idea with their neighbours so you can get as many aluminium cans as possible.

With consistency and a creative way to get aluminium cans or scrap metal, you can successfully sustain your metal recycling initiative. Metal recycling is usually an alternative way to help you earn extra money while caring for the environment. You just need to know where you could get aluminium cans for your scrap metal recycling idea.